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first post: Zocan wrote: we need to find a better way of communicating, live would be best,...

Running out of time

first post: Zocan wrote: we need a basic running client before the 14 days period ends!

latest post: olh064 wrote: You need to publish. Now.

The game

first post: Zocan wrote: We don't have any visual artist, but here's the Game detailed, as ...

latest post: Zocan wrote: >his is a little bit unclear to me, do you mean that a poké...

Hosting Computer

first post: Zocan wrote: Alright Lets Discust this, I'm thinking of buying a computer which...

latest post: Zocan wrote: alright sounds good

Creativity general

first post: OLH064 wrote: Put all ideas for gameplay here. Quests given by an NPC should ...

latest post: Zocan wrote: Here's My Ideals Battle: I was thinking of maybe having the left...

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