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Sep 17, 2012 at 12:54 AM

Put all ideas for gameplay here.


  • Quests given by an NPC should be given to one player, who can recruit other players. If the quest isn't started in X minutes, the NPC should be able to give other player the same quest, but mention the other players who promised but never did it. (so they can work together.)
  • I'm putting this here so nobody ever mentions hard loads. The entire world being connected puts a strain on the server, with everybody needing position info and everything about all the other players, so there should be a piece of code that hides players that are out of view.
  • Human sprites should be full sized and able to walk in 8 directions. This makes it less like official Pokemon, and less prone to C&D.
  • Areas that are too difficult for a player should have a gatekeeper NPC that advises against going out there, but doesn't entirely block. It's a social game with strategy based fights, after all.
  • Random fights aren't fun anymore, and getting locked in a battle with a trainer is preposterous. Trainer NPCs should ask if you want to battle. Obviously, a gang member won't be so polite.
Sep 17, 2012 at 5:35 PM


Looks good to me.


What kind of quests are you thinking of? Defeat 3 magikarp? Deliver/collect item? battle NPC's?

>Random fights aren't fun anymore

I assume you meant battles with wild pokémon. As an alternative to 'random battles' the pokémon can move around on the map like other characters(It would probably be better to determine their locations locally and use the same sprite for all of them(when in the overworld))

My ideas:

  • Battles: The battle system should be following the mechanics like in the (latest)game. With spectator mode and time limit(per turn) for PVP matches 
  • Training: exp. is awarded for NPC, wild pokémon  and PVP battles(maybe not?). Natures and Effort Values(No IV's) are used to determine stats. TM's are  usable forever when obtained. There are some move tutors at obscure locations(or anything of any value at difficult locations, this game is about exploration, after all)
  • Breeding: I don't know, implement this feature later or maybe never
  • Secret Bases: Invite only bases in which the latest successful team of the owner can be battled as a NPC
Sep 18, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Here's My Ideals



  • I was thinking of maybe having the left mouse click move the player, and the right mouse click move the Pokemon.
  • Press Hot key 1-4 for attacks (*if ranged attack, attack goes in mouse direction*)
  • We Can Also set 'q'w'e'r' as hot keys for Item that can be used in battles (pokeball, potions, full heal, X Sp attack)
  • Press Space to see your party pokemon and click one to switch it. (do it quickly or els the enemies can sneak an attack wile your being slow.
  • I want the battles to be on the Main screen, no need to get to another battle screen. Pokemons Spawns as visual sprites in the tall grass.
  • After defeated Pokemon re spawn in 15 minutes.
  • When you party up with Players, the EXp is shared between pokemons
  • you can fight another player anywhere (except interiors of houses and etc) Just send out your first pokemon, and attack your opponent


  • You can Costomise the apparence of your character by buying Cloths, accessories, and etc
  • You are able to walk in 8 dirrection and Even have your pokemon following you.
  • You can Interact With NPC for Quests, and everithing els.
  • Can mount Pokemons


  • Can Dive under sea to explore sea floor world
  • Can Dig underground to get in tunnels
  • Have a Heat Meter on Eggs, the warmer they are the faster they hatch, have lots of little effects on the egg's growth.
  • Fly Around the Skies, and over the trees, to find some special flying types, and reach new places
  • Skills, have some special Trainable skills, like fishing, hicking, alchemist, engeneer, to create pots, balls, Stones, and Even TM (names will be discust, these ones are lame)
  • Make your Own Secret Base


These are my ideals so far, when i find my pages somewhere, i'll write the rest down.