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The Project is dedicated to make an amazing Pokémon MMO
featuring custom made graphics and game style.

We want to create an Open World Pokemon Game Where each and every player will find omething to their liking, From Exploring to Fighting To becoming the very best.

The Game will include:

Home Made Graphics.
Well balanced Skilled Fighting System.
Breeding Like Never Seen Before.
Flying Freely Over the land.
Cognizable Characters
Explore Seas, Caves, undergrounds, sea floors, snowfields, mountain, forests, lakes, deserts, canyons, and so much more.
Iv & EV
Mini games such as CTF, Game Rooms, Pokemon Trading Card system.

But Before We can Do all the Fun stuff, we'll need all the Help Possible to create the basics, layout, codes, graphics, and etc.

Our First Goal is to get a working Client.
Then We work on importing the players to a testing map.
Then we start working on 649 pokemons Which also comes with making All the attacks from absorb to Zen headbutt
Afterwords we can really start working on making it fun for everyone

But Since this might take some time, you'll all have to be very patient.

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